Monday, May 17, 2010

The logistics are staggering

Before I had a baby, I'd spend an hour in the bathroom only the rare time I took a book, the phone and a bag of Epsom salts to the bath with me. I haven't had a shower lasting more than five minutes since Squeaky was born. And a bath? A laughable luxury.

Last night, I spent an hour in the bathroom. Five minutes in the shower while peaking around the curtain at Squeaky in her bouncy chair, five minutes setting up the bathroom for her bath, 30 minutes bathing her and everything that goes with it - hair wash, diaper changed (twice), drying all her tiny toes etc., five minutes soothing her (Squeaky? hates the bath), five minutes drying my hair and ten minutes cleaning up the place.

I said to my friend who drove from the Big City to spend the day yesterday that the logistics of newborn care are staggering. (You see, we have two cars and therefore two car seats, but do you think they are compatible? No. The van was at our house, my car was at Man's parent's house. We couldn't drive my friend's jeep because there is no backseat. So in order to get out the door and on the road to the trail head, we had to load Squeaky into car seat # 1 that matches the base in the van, drive 10 minutes to my MIL's house, switch a sleeping Squeaky from car seat # 1 to car seat # 2 that matches the base in my car, and load up the diaper bag, Baby Bjorn and picnic and strike out for trails unknown.)

And Baby Time moves at approximately one quarter the speed of normal time, so all these switcheroos take time. All this to say, hours in the bathroom are a luxury of the past. 

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