Saturday, March 20, 2010

Baby Shower #2 : bath and baby

The girls at work hosted a shower for me - very low-key. Everyone showed up at different times, so there was no more then four or five of use at a time. We had cake! And one coworker make a diaper cake - which I haven't taken apart yet because I have, oh, say, 51 facecloths already. I figure I can afford to keep the tower together for a while longer. But I will probably need at the diapers eventually. I intend to cloth-diaper, and in fact I have all the diapers pre-pre-pre-pre-pre washed and dried and folder, but they are infant-sized, not newborn-sized. I hear babies grow like weeds, and will be out of the newborn size in a month or so (and I suspect my baby is going to be on the large side anyway).

There were no games, no prizes. It was more of an excuse for the girls to drink and complain about the boss. It was lovely.

The best gift by far was the spice bottle full of burnt flour - A home remedy for diaper rash!

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