Monday, December 21, 2009

Another list

I keep meaning to get this blog on the go - update my Blogroll, link to wonderful sites and really pimp out my photos.

Except... it's just One More Thing To Do.

And I'd rather spend more time browsing my favourite blogs and sleeping. Not always in that order. Sometimes I sleep BEFORE I do the blogrounds.

Ah, sleep. I am so tired. It's as if I skipped the chronic fatigue of the first trimester, and it's aaaaallllll catching up on me now. I had a five and a half hour nap on Saturday. Five and a half hours isn't a nap - it's almost three REM cycles.

Baby is on the go constantly. I can pretty well guarantee an internal acrobatic routine every morning and evening, and often throughout the day. It's awesome. Today it struck me - I have a whole other PERSON inside me! a Baby! This blows my mind.

I have all my Christmas presents bought and wrapped. It helps that I'm only buying for 4 people this year. The girls at the office exchange dollar-store presents (Max, $1 each). It's fun to open our stockings and unwrap all the silly presents, but it only translates into More Junk To Deal With, and I have more than enough Junk To Deal With as it is.

I was struck over the weekend on the sheer number of places I have to keep clean:

1. My house.
2. Man's apartment. (Albeit not my responsibility, but if we cook I'm going to help with the dishes, and my OCD will probably carry that over to sweeping and changing the sheets.)
3. Man's business. (Again, TOTALLY not my responsibility, but if I see a table that needs wiping, I'm going to grab a rag.)
4. Our House. The house has yet to be renovated so technically it doesn't need to be cleaned yet, as there are walls coming down and paint being striped... but before all that can happen, stuff needs to be cleaned out of the rooms, which pretty well equals the same thing.

Yeah, so my blogroll is still don't done after two months. Bear with me.

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